U.S. Senators of the Senate Judiciary Committee


Dear U.S. Senator :


Brooksley Born warned Congress about the problem of unregulated derivatives markets.  That warning went unheeded.  This is the aftermath of that mistake.


While I don’t pretend to have the stature of the impressive Ms. Born, I have an equally important message.  Through judicial misconduct the federal courts in the Western United States (the Ninth Circuit) are allowing wide-spread bank and lender fraud in homeowner foreclosure cases.  My five-year case is summarized in a 60 page report enclosed.


But, there is an even more important example of what I am talking about.  It is Natache’s case.  Read and weep.  Then consider sanctions for those judges who are engaging in this fraud on citizens of America.


Very truly yours,

Lauren /S/ Paulson

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The 2008 Economy Cripples the Legal Profession’s Facade like a Kansas Hurricane ----in 

The Land of OZ

Chapter 1  --   The Witch Steals her dog Toto Without providing Dorothy with  Due Process.  


 There is much to be learned from Judy Garland and her 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, which was judged one of the ‘Top 10 Best Movies of All Time’.  Some of what follows might be familiar to those like me who watch this masterpiece often.  If you also know the legal profession; much will ring too true for you comparing foreclosures with The Wizard of Oz movie.


Kansas farmgirl Dorothy Gale lives with her Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and farmhands called Hunk, Zeke and Hickory. Dorothy has already had an encounter with the Wicked Witch of the West.  She gets little attention and is told to stay out of the way because the Aunt Em’s farm incubator has malfunctioned and some of the chickens are dying.  

Land owner Miss Gulch (The Wicked Witch of the West) arrives at the farm demanding that Dorothy's pet dog Toto be destroyed alleging Toto bit her. Miss (witch) Gulch then presents them with a sheriff's order that allows her to take Toto, threatening to take away the Gale farm if they don't comply with her Order of confiscation and prospective execution of Toto.


                 THE REAL WORLD 


The foreclosure tsunami has horribly exposed the soft underbelly of incompetence and corruption in the Legal Profession.  The lessons to be learned are found in sharp comparison with the movie The Wizard of Oz.  


As indicated, the movie opens with Dorothy anguishing in the legal field of torts.   Her dog Toto has bitten the the leg of the Wicked Witch of the West.  Like real life, the lonely citizen, Dorothy, is ignored by the adults in the room.  As in many foreclosures, Ms. Witch has already slithered into a courtroom and obtained a Court Order requiring Dorothy to turn over Toto to Ms. Witch for extermination.  Without prior notice to Dorothy.  


Real life shows similar corruptions of the system.  Banks were tired of paying legal fees and affording citizens legal protections, so lenders convinced legislatures to allow non-judicial foreclosures.  By this legal artifice, banks are able to kick citizens out of there homes without judges and courts even being involved.  


In the dark humor department, when it turns out that the banks were even doing NONjudicial foreclosues wrong, by not recording their foreclosures in the County Recorders Office as required by law, they were facile.  Without an ounce of shame, they advised the leaders of the Legal Profession that they would now do judicial foreclosures after all.  That recording requirement with the County, you see, is not required in judicial foreclosures.  Ponder, for a moment, that crucial issue of notice--missing to Dorothy’s family and missing to foreclosure victims.  


Here is why the movie, the Wizard of Oz puts a smile on my face.  In the movie, Toto thinks better of his captive situation with the mean ol’ Wicked Witch of the West and slips out of her bike’s back carriage door while being evicted off the farm by The Witch.


This is what is funny.  When banks told federal judges that they really wanted to do judicial foreclosures in state court after all --  there is an escape hatch totally ignored by Oregon foreclosure lawyers, and worse; foreclosure judges.  What is being ignored, is the fact that the plainly stated law that says that once primary jurisdiction is established in federal court over the Res (the Property), then that federal court must retain that primary jurisdiction.  It can’t let the banks make the same escape out the back doors like Toto did.  It is against the law.  But all federal judges are allowing it.  Against the law.




The task here is to get your attention.  Through the Wizard of Oz allegory we will demonstrate here that all the judges in Oregon have it wrong in the field of foreclosures.  All of them.  We will carefully demonstrate where and how---right here in the Chapters to come.  Right here.  In the meantime, your assignment is to read this case.  Then we will move on to Chapter 2 in the Land of Oz.

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 Love With a Necessary Stranger-----------


“I don’t know if I will ever be with a woman again”  


He said, looking at my reaction carefully.


His calculation comes with the realization of mortality.....times two.  


The soft touch, sotto voce, a little attention.   


A studied calculation.


Trapped by circumstances, she and I.  Trapped in our own little personal way; too personal to really share.


A treasure to be found........they are not just lying around.


It could even be a considered collaboration.

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Second Seminar

Defense Strategies for WSBA Attorney Discipline Actions

January 18, 2014 - 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Presented by WA Consortium on Constitutional Affairs

Thanks to all for your interest and participation in the 1st Seminar. As usual, strict confidentiality will be maintained.

The greatest state threat to our Constitutional culture is the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel. It practices a variety of illegal tactics and you need to know them prior to negotiating or going to hearing with ODC. This seminar will teach you what to expect if you are targeted by the bar and describe its illegal tactics, ODC’s organizational structure and Constitutional defects in their rules and practices. ODC has been allowed to act as if it is exempt from legal scrutiny. It’s not and this belief has led to enormous abuse against targeted attorneys. The following subject matters will be covered:

  1.  A constitutional analysis of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPCs) and the

       Rules for the Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct (ELCs);

  2. A constitutional analysis of the Bar Structure and Separation of Powers;

  3. A legal history of Attorney Discipline in Washington and it’s relation to state law

       and the WA Supreme Court;

  4.  Studies done by the American Bar Association on the Washington Disciplinary system.

       We’ll review serious ABA criticisms and suggestions to improve the WA system which

       have been disregarded;

  5.  Common illegal practices by ODC which have become institutionalized within

       the office of disciplinary counsel;

  6.  Actual disciplinary case histories in which Bar was found to have behaved illegally;

  7.  How ODC and the Supreme Court act as an interest group and make money from

       Disciplinary actions. Bar will charge for attorney fees and transcripts.

  8.  ODC Discrimination against sole practitioners in the disciplinary process;

  9.  Activity in the Federal Courts against ODC. A history of actions and a review

       of present suits against Disciplinary counsel;

10.  A description of the 6 sets of rules that control Bar hearings and how they can be used

       against a Respondent or in his/her favor. (There are more than the RPCs and ELCs);

11.  Bar approaches to financial and attorney account investigations;

12.  Due Process violations in charging procedures, offense descriptions and the nexus

       between alleged violations and suggested penalties;

13.  Presentations from parties who have gone through the process.

14.  Mobility of Bar prosecutors and hearing officers within the WSBA offices and

       Board of Governors.

A former head of ODC said that there were only a handful of people who understand how the disciplinary process worked. You’re not one of them. This is because Bar is allowed to define it’s own offenses and penalties. The “Rules” are disregarded.

You cannot afford to miss this seminar if you have received notice from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Contact Robert Grundstein at / 802-851-1120 for details

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(Acute Reunion Withdrawal Syndrome)


Okay, I admit it.  I am suffering from Acute Reunion Withdrawal Syndrome.  Here are some of the symptoms following the fiftieth (50):


  •         Thumbing aimlessly through dated high school annuals.
  •           Wanting to talk to your high school algebra teacher about that grade.
  •           Watching video of the twenty-year reunion (alone).
  •             Thinking about those who have passed while mowing the lawn.
  •             Wondering if you really should have tried out for that team or class play.
  •           Thinking about randomly calling a classmate, but unsure what about........
  •             Looking at her or his high school picture and wondering if, ......what if.......

Then reality intrudes and one contemplates a pot belly or veins or receding hairlines that are seen and should not be.  But, how can one give up on finding that teacher or classmate who greatly influenced who you are today?  

         Case in point.  I just spent a wonderful weekend with one of those.  After the twenty-year reunion go-around I wrote in my journal “What a Lady!!”  She was one I dismissed from my list of those worthy..............and boy was that a failure of perception.  She conquered worlds, slew dragons and is still shaking up her world.  


Then there is Dan, who has been my constant friend and friendly competitor all these years.  Such a friend allows a look-see into their lives for the rich and the poor of that person’s events.  

In scanning that yearbook one wonders why we are still allowing the injustices found by looking back at that year book; and palpable in that book.  

Just because he conquered the entire state in his particular sport, he was largely ignored by the year book editors, the sports book editors and the college scholarship deciders in favor of more politically favorable fare.  A careful eye discloses a prominent color photo of him and his date at the first pages of the year book..........without identifying who he is.  A similar omission occurred in all the other categories.........because of where he was from.  There is a contemporary lesson to be learned here, on the occasion of another 50th year anniversary of the March on Washington, but I doubt we will learn it.  

Bumper stickers talk about honoring our veterans.  It is just that.  One, and perhaps many of our classmates are still suffering from that evil war, but are left out of current festivities while we sit at a more comfortable classmate table for us for lunch.  It is the same thing we did to others.  High school cruelty does not stop at graduation.  I notice that facebook “likes” are distributed to those with thinly astute posts, while more provocative analysis posted by Jim is ignored by those who gaggle over grandchildren posts.  ---While our country continues to fight or foment war all over the planet.  Those wars might consume those innocent grandchildren in the fate even now being experienced by some of our classmates from those ’60’s.  Those wonderful and terrible ’60’s.  His name is Jerry.  Another is Paul.  Another, Jerry.  Countless others in our town.  

I am suffering from acute war fatigue syndrome in addition to ARWS.  ‘Salvage ethnography’ is the applicable phrase for those near and far.  claurenpaulson2013

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