Monday, February 6, 2017


Judge Neil M. Gorsuch

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

1823 Stout Street

Denver, Colorado 80257


Re:  Mandatory Conflict Screening


Dear Judge Gorsuch:


Congratulations on your nomination to SCOTUS.  As part of due diligence, would you please answer the following questions.  I will be reporting your answers to Senator Wyden and Senator Merkley along with the other interested parties. To each I have submitted a detailed report on the failure of federal court judges and officials to follow the U.S. Judicial Conference Mandatory Conflict Screening requirements.  


Moreover, I have filed a detailed report on this failure to Jeffrey P. Minear at the Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Here are the questions to you:


  1.  Has the Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals adopted the Judicial Conference of the United States Mandatory Financial Screening policy adopted on September 19, 2006?  


2.  What was the effective date in the Tenth Circuit for this program?


3.  Have you completed a Checklist for Financial Conflicts and has that         been submitted to the Tenth Circuit?  


4.  Have you completed a Checklist for Other Conflicts and has that been submitted to the Tenth Circuit?


5.  Has the Chief Judge of the Tenth Circuit submitted mandatory conflict screening reports to the Tenth Circuit Judicial Council?

6.  Have you recused yourself on any cases in the Tenth Circuit since their adoption of the mandatory conflict screening policy?


7.  Have you used the CM/ECF conflict checking software?


8.  Does the Tenth Circuit produce recusal data on the case query tree in Appellate CM/ECF?  


9.  Is there any reason why you or any other Judge in the Tenth Circuit do not use CM/ECF automated conflict screening?


10.  Have you encountered any difficulties or filed any complaints about CM/ECF financial conflict of interest screening?


11.  Have you handled any foreclosure cases since 2007?


12.  Have you provided the Tenth Circuit clerk’s office with recusal information?


13.  Is your recusal information entered into the CM/ECF in the Tenth Circuit?


14.  Does the Tenth Circuit run a conflict clearance report on each case you handle?


15.  Do Tenth Circuit Motions Attorneys check recusal data?


16.  Does the Tenth Circuit run a daily conflict check report?


17.  Do you have written in-chambers conflict check procedures?


A copy of this questionnaire is being sent to your Chief Judge with a request to furnish me with any and all reports including semi-annual reports in connection with these requirements.  Thank you for your professional courtesies in all respects.


Very Truly Yours,  Lauren Paulson

cc:  Senator Merkley, Senator Wyden.

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