Wednesday December 30, 2015


Judge Edward Leavy

U.S. Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit

Pioneer Court House

700 SW 6th Avenue

Portland, Oregon  97204


Re:  Lauren Paulson v. Oregon State Bar et al.


Dear Judge Leavy:


Eventually, the flies will conquer the flypaper. 




The judiciary engages in unfettered wrongdoing. It is a bitter lesson to learn how flagrant and how pervasive. Eventually, it is going to dawn on the thousands of people in foreclosure in the Western States that the Chief Judge of that territory comes from a banker’s mien.  Thus, the entire Ninth Circuit is shepherded by a former lawyer for the banks.  But nobody is telling the consumers at the wrong end of foreclosure litigation and at the wrong end of the ‘fixed’ bankruptcy system.  Conflict screening disclosures about this judicial mien are required by law. They aren’t happening. 




Just now I received two more rulings from you on my lawsuit to try to get my life back.  Without good result.  Before addressing your one-line ruling in Case No. 13-35672 dated December 21, 2015 enclosed, I have another matter to address first.  In 2013, I filed a formal judicial misconduct against you for a number of reasons enumerated in that November 7, 2013 sixty-three (63) page  document.  You have never responded to that specific complaint nor acknowledged that matter at all.  I hope to fare better in the following inquiry.  


Let me bring an additional serious matter to your attention.  I know you take pride in your mediation efforts over the years.  Well, I believe you may have overlooked the fact that you served as a mediator in a previous matter involving the Oregon State Bar and me thereby acquiring confidential information from both sides in that proceeding; the same parties here.  Where you rule.


In 2004 you gave an oral history to the U.S. District Court Historical Society.  There you pointed out that when your judicial appointment by Senator Hatfield was in play that the Oregon State Bar formally rallied to your cause by writing letters to the power-brokers  along with others and you obtained the judicial appointment due to the Bar’s efforts in your behalf.  This matter that you just ruled on is in the Oregon State Bar’s favor. You did not disclose this prior important endorsement for you by my adversary here.




As you know the Judicial Conference of the United States required in 2007 that all federal judges implement a certain conflict of interest screening process So, my question to you is did you follow that mandatory Judicial Conference conflict screening policy in my cases? 


This failure of the Ninth Circuit judiciary by not following this mandatory screening policy has been reported to James Duff, the Director of the Judicial Conference of the United States, for an investigation.  I hope that investigation is not as still-born as those conducted in the Ninth Circuit on their ‘guild’.


Further, I ask you to identify EXACTLY 0n what record you ruled on in my case.  It is essential that you identify exactly what record you had in your possession and, in addition, that you identify exactly what you actually read in making your decision of December 21, 2015 while you became a judicial rock starI will not relent until you disclose these two elements of this putative judicial misconduct in addition to all else.  


In the meantime, I ask that you withdraw the spurious 12/21/15 ruling identified above and the mandate until these matters are investigated by the Judicial Conference and Congress. 


Very truly yours,



Lauren /S/Paulson


cc:  Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Ron Wyden, U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, Ninth Circuit Judicial Council, James Duff

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