His demeanor is decidedly nondescript.  One would not pick attorney Mark Comstock out in a crowd.  Small in stature, glasses, conformed mien in all respects.  He is the ‘Plant’ of Oregon’s legal elite community.  By a powerful Oregon constituent:  The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oregon, Paul De Muniz.  His law partner.  Mark Comstock is ubiquitous.  


Mr. Comstock first came to my attention at the 2002 Oregon State Bar initiation for the next crop of fresh-faced BAR Board of Governor’s members (think Board of Directors).  Each year three are anointed from the 13,000 lawyers in the state.  They immediately eye each other suspiciously because in two years one of the three will be the President of the Oregon State Bar; the other two will slide into oblivion.  Or get picked for powerful committees and commissions in Oregon.  And who knew he was the back-channel communicator straight to his boss.  

Oregon Supreme Court Chief Judge Paul De Muniz had big things in mind for Mr. Comstock.  His former law firm partner.  


eCourt in Oregon


What I didn’t know, but Mark probably did; the fix was already in.  Chief Justice De Muniz needed Mark for his eCourt project.  This project started in 2004 and is not projected to be completed until 2015. The cost of this project to Oregon taxpayers is over $200 million dollars of which $100 million has already been wasted.  Mark Comstock has been in charge of this project since 2004 with no end in sight.  Oregon’s eCourt project is a fiasco by any measure.     


Judicial Elections and Mark Comstock


Willamette Week and bulletinsfromaloha.org exposed Justice De Muniz’ eCourt multimillion dollar fiasco last year. Justice De Muniz then decided it was time for him to retire.  

This dynamic duo’s (Comstock and De Muniz) new project is the Oregon Law Commission. They want to do away with Oregon’s Constitutionally mandated judicial elections.  All Oregon judges are supposed to be elected by Oregon voters.  Only 25% of Oregon judges are actually first elected.  75% of new Oregon judges are appointed by the Governor.  It is a rigged system.

Oregon’s governors relish ignoring Oregon’s Constitution because they like the ‘power’ of judicial appointment.  But, retired Justice De Muniz has a fear of flying alone.  So, he arranged for Mark Comstock to have a place on the Oregon Law Commission.  Former Chief Justice De Muniz has ordered that the Oregon Law Commission be coconspirators in further rigging judicial elections in Oregon.  


Big Money in the Big Oregon Easy


Have you ever wondered where the really big money is in Oregon’s legal profession?  Nike’s legal department maybe?  Nope.  Big Downtown Law Firms?  (BDLF)  Nope!


What law firm in Oregon has more law firm branch offices than any other?


Which law firm in Oregon has more lawyers employed than the Oregon District Attorney association?  It is Oregon’s Legal Aid corporation that has many issues that should concern you that will be set forth here later.  


The Legal Aid Services of Oregon corporation has spacious offices at the Pittock Building in downtown Portland, but few customers.  Indeed, if you happen by 921 SW Washington Street sometime, drop by the fifth floor.  You will see a humongous lobby with nobody in it.  There are two receptionists, one sweating the Latino calls, the other screening EVERYBODY else out of the office.  There are few who qualify for their services. By their own numbers they serve only 20% of the Poor in Oregon. 

I defy you to identify a single Legal Aid lawyer helping anybody in Portland’s eviction court.  Or foreclosure court.  Or any Oregon court where poor people are processed through a heartless system.  You will NOT see Mark Comstock there.


But, you will see Mark Comstock on the Board of Directors for Oregon’s Legal Aid society.  


Oregon State Bar Board of Governors


So, there was Mark at the table at the most important Public Corporation in Oregon; the Oregon State Bar.  An $11 million dollar company.  There he is at the controls of over $200 million; the eCourt budget of Oregon’s Judicial Department and appropriated by Oregon’s Legislature.  There he is at the controls of over $45 million dollar budget of Legal Aid Services of Oregon.  Now consider this:


Public Officials Compensation Commission


Oregon Chief Justice Paul De Muniz (retired?) arranged for his OTHER law firm partner, John Hemann to be a member of Oregon’s Public Officials Compensation Commission which sets judicial pay for the State of Oregon.  So, Justice De Muniz arranged for his law partner to set his pay.  


Simple Addition


Hang on to your beanie’s.  This dynamic duo, Comstock and De Muniz at the controls of or controlled almost 3/4 OF A BILLION DOLLARS of your taxpayer money for legal services in Oregon.




Oregon State Bar......................................................$11 million

Oregon Legal Aid.......................................................$45 million

Oregon eCourt Project............................................ $200 million


Oregon Judicial Dept. ..............................................$450 million

  TOTAL       .......................................$706 MILLION DOLLARS


Two imperfect Oregon lawyers.  Comstock and De Muniz.  In control of all that money.


Just to show you how all this works consider this:  


The Marion County Bar Association has awarded Sean E. Armstrong the Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year. He received the award for his many hours of service to individuals in the area of Family Law. Nominated attorneys are submitted to Marion Polk Legal Aid Services, who then determines the award recipient. Mr. Armstrong, a shareholder in the firm, is an established Divorce and Family Law attorney.





So, Mark Comstock is on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Services of Oregon.  He arranges for the local Legal Services office, Marion---------to pick his law associate, Sean Armstrong, to get the award dispensed by Marion County Legal Aid corporation, Mark Comstock's other corporation beside his law office.  Soon Mark will be advising the Oregon Law Commission NOT to require a fine lawyer like Sean to be elected by Oregon citizens; but rather Sean should be appointed to a judgeship by fine lawyers in the Oligarchy ......like Mark.  

Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 10:38AM by Registered CommenterLAUREN PAULSON | Comments1 Comment | References4 References

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Reader Comments (1)

Incredible reporting Mr. Attorney at Law. Thank you again.

Yes Americans are waking up and in Oregon, the corruption is unbelievable.

In two words: A CREDITOR.

The "money" [debt credit COMPUTER KEYSTROKES] for social security, unemployment and name a digital fraud the U.S. Bank fraudsters and their agent racketeers hired to do what they do best do not fail to achieve for the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM "Fed" -- lie, cheat, steal and kill. I ought to know.

Our entire families, two estates of a famous ARTIST and a former CIA [born 1920], who gave his entire life, to not be what this is.


ATTORNEYS LICENSED AT THE OREGON STATE B.A.R. in the ranks of truly vile evil, Miller Nash LLP. BIG INVESTORS for no less than 17 to ? years and brag about this fact!

WHAT FACT?! Destruction of their own Constitutional Republic and in this 'modern day,' calling IT "GREEN." During the HOUSING FORECLOSURE CRIMINALITY, AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR INVESTORS AND THE FIX WAS IN, THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS, USDC, IN OREGON? No No No No No No NO did not follow the law by any stretch of a highly vivid, and a most fertile, imagination.

9-10-12, A CONVOY OF NATO, NORTH ON I-5, WITH LITTLE GREEN FLAG TO LET US KNOW WHAT IT IS. What is IT, exactly? De Muniz, ET AL with immunity and impunity due to the BIG BOSS, Central Intelligence Agency.

De Muniz and his "Assistant" were not pleased with my demands about UNIFUND, oh boy were they "into the money" in this fraudulent scam!

Luckily, I PREVAILED AT THE COURT OF APPEALS AGAINST "UNIFUND!" Look it up, it is an Israeli money laundering operation and the OREGON GOVERNMENT? Heavily, heavily invested in the HOPE FOR DEBT INDUSTRY, billions to be ill gotten via MONEY FRAUD. How shock and awe.

The "overlords" love fest is all about the CIA RULING and therefore, their A$$S ARE MORE THAN BACKED. North American Union, the NAU. It has been a well planned agenda and every robbed gavel tyrant, DE MUNIZ ET AL have their BIG A$$ES covered in the covered up or off shored, PERS' investments. Whose protecting this criminality? The biggest bullies on earth since Stalin, ET AL.

Time for change alright, every robbed gavel tyrant in this time of the George W. Bush family CIA hostile take-over (beginning in late 1940s), need to figure out how to retire on other than We The People.

Treason, just a first step in how to decide what the next step IS, how to solve the dilemma:

USA SUPREME COURT chose to take away the voting rights of millions of Americans.

BUT, THAT FACT DID NOT contract an agreement NOT especially in 2012.

The CIA and its militant digital dictatorship is waning fast, the international community is to have no more of this behavior we in the NAU are obviously not powerful enough, yet, to STOP, just STOP this criminal classless called "Justice" in ? Not here in this Constitutional Republic that has the RIGHT to "coin our on money," Article I, Section IX, Clause VII, U.S. Constitution. De Muniz ET AL are not in the slightest, interested, in our "good law," thus, traitors.

September 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRoberta Kelly

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