It is a protest against corporate greed. The one percent % who have are keeping the other 99% of us down. That 99% will no longer tolerate being kept down. The 1% are not being held accountable. There is a militarism that has taken over Washington D.C.

The execution of Troy Davis who was convicted of killing of an off-duty police officer is symbolic of the power of an unforgiving government over the poor.  He deserved a new trial in our imperfect legal system.

There is a frustration with the hope inspired by the election of Barack Obama and the disappointment of his administration.

Police do not respect the constitutional rights of every citizen to speak and to assemble. The direct action group in New York City wanted to connect the boroughs that make up a part of The City and connect the poor in Brooklyn with the rich of Wall St. 700 people were arrested which is the largest mass arrest in U.S. history. Police wrap the protesters in nets that are now called ʻkennelingʼ. (Do you ever get the feeling innocent regular people are being treated like dogs.) 

The intent of police round-ups is to make it clear to the 99% that they are not safe when they venture outside, much less protesting. It is collective punishment if one speaks out. This is not just about America. It is part of a global mass movement. It is a realization that nothing is going to be done unless the people do it.

The media and politicians write off the protests as fringe groups, hooligans, criminals. The people in power know they have very little they are willing to offer the 99%. Therefore, they have no choice but to demonize the protestors

 J.P Morgan Chase has contributed over $4.6 million dollars to the NYPD foundation. The planned Occupy Wall St. protest was going to be located at the Chase NYC plaza. That site was walled off by the police and the allowed site moved to Liberty Plaza. The police are there not to protect everyone, but rather to protect the 1% from the 99%. This is happening all over the world.  Give the implications of that a good think. 

 Many private corporations finance the insurance coverage for political conventions to protect the police departments from overstepping the 99% constitutional rights. Witness for example Democracy Now, a progressive news program has recently been paid $100,000 by the City of Minneapolis for arresting their news reporters without reason at the 2008 Republican Convention.


 This concept of looking to each other for solutions began in Argentina in 2001when citizens began pounding their pots and pans outside their windows to symbolize their inability to gather in the local squares because there they would be arrested. This began the ʻhorizontalʼ protests around the world that are without specific leadership hierarchy and without delineated issues in advance. This includes the ʻArab Springʼ.

References: Marina Sitrin, Laurie Penny, Penny Red. Marisa Holmes - Occupy Walt St. organizer. Democracy Now program of October 3, 2011, Amy Goodman.

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