SHANE and the




                      SHANE, A '50's COWBOY MOVIE

Errant Cowboy Portland Police Officer Ronald Frashour is in a way-station before he is fired.  I believe it is called Administrative Leave.


But, I know about cowboy police and I have a solution.


KNOW  --  This I know, because I have studied carefully the SHANE movie.  Alan Ladd does not shoot people in the back.  Jack Palance and his compadres shoot people in the back, or try to.  Ronald Frashour shot Aaron Campbell in the back.  Portland Police Officer Ronald Frashour shot Aaron in the back and had more than a moment’s reflection on whether or not to do that.  Carefully, aim at the back of a human being and squeeze the trigger of that assault rifle.  At an unarmed man.  Neither Ladd nor Palance was unarmed. 


This I know.  When I played cowboys and Indians as a kid, I never, never shot anybody in the back…not even my older brother, but ohhhh so sorely tempted.  We were taught only complete cowards shot people in the back.  I went to school on the SHANE movie, but that was before Frashour’s time.  Times are different.


SOLUTION  --  Very simple.  First, take away ALL of their toys.  All of them except their protective vests.  Take away their NINJA Turtle outfits.  Quit painting their cars that sinister black.  Take away those sprays, hair curlers and electric devices. 


It is time to start over with our police departments across the nation.  A clean slate from top to bottom.  There is no fixing those thugs we have hired and there is no fixing the mentality of those that did the hiring.  A clean slate.  A complete do over.  Top to Bottom.  


We need to hire management and employees in our police departments that have empathy.  Empathy is what was missing in Nazi Germany.  Empathy is the imagination necessary to put yourself in other people's shoes.  Police expect us to have empathy for the challenges of their profession, yet they have no empathy for us and our challenges in everyday life. 

We are going to continue to take and post pictures of their excess until we remove this entire poisoned tree, root and branch. 

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An execution. Ronald Frashour carried out an execution.

He is allowed to, or so he thought, by his employers - he basically admitted it on the witness stand, in trial on 04/01/08.

A clean slate and a clean do over. What the organic form must have to continue living a healthy life, yes.

Portland and Oregon sells other states' inhabitants on the idea of moving to this place of progressive, intelligent and of course then, therefore, a pacifist state of higher standards.

In this level of enlightened beings there is no such job position for Kirby Block gang bangers such as Ronald Frashour.

He should have been fired upon the minute he executed another human being. For pity's sake. Yet he continued to be paid, and why other than his willingness to be a seller of the greatest profits occurring in this time, the weapons trade.

We awaken in time to co-create an artistic paper trail of these so called Officers of the Peace and stop the terrorism sold as protection, right away.

Thanks Mr. Paulson for your brilliant writing and powerful light.

September 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiloxi Marx

General Assembly Human Rights Council 14th Session: Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Philip Alston*

P-11, "... Thus, for example, a shoot-to-kill policy violates human rights law. This is not to imply, as some erroneously do, that law enforcement is incapable of meeting the threats posed by terrorists and, in particular, suicide bombers. Such an argument is predicated on a misconception of human rights law, which does not require States to choose between letting people be killed and letting their law enforcement officials use lethal force to prevent such killings. In fact, under human rights law, States’ duty to respect and to ensure the right to life entails an obligation to exercise ”due diligence” to protect the lives of individuals from attacks by criminals, including terrorists. Lethal force under human rights law is legal if it is strictly and directly necessary to save life."

Frashour in respect to Aaron Campbell?

"Lethal force under human rights law is legal if it is strictly and directly necessary to save life."

America must recognize it's bound also to the international standard for human rights law.

September 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBiloxi

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