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A MODEL LEGAL SYSTEM Part #6 -- Bar Associations

A Model Legal System Part#6--Bar Associations that are dedicated to serve the general public rather than the legal-power elite.

This is the last of six components of A Model Legal System that I plan to take to the state bar association and the state legislature. A summary of all six components of A Model Legal System will follow next and soon.   A summary can also be found below in the 'Table of Contents'. 

Bar Associations come in three flavors; county bar associations, state bar associations and the American Bar Association, a national organization. Only one is compulsory which is the state bar association for those who study and pass the bar exam to become lawyers before that state ‘justice' system.

County Bar Associations. -- Lawyers who join normally have one of two objectives, local camaraderie or a plan to become a local judge.

State Bar Associations -- State Bar Associations are an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a form of government in which the ruling power belongs to a few persons.

American Bar Association -- This is a voluntary national bar association with a impressive name which formally has no real currency nor formal role in the legal profession. When I signed up with the ABA out of law school I was dismayed at their vapid publications and horrified at the junk mail emanating from this sterile organization.

Law has become distant. Citizens understand little about how the actual process of law operates nor how law is created. Lawyers do little to acquaint the public with the process which few of them truly understand themselves. Bar associations need to get out of their skins and go forth to the public arena, where they are universally despised, find out why and do something about it. Lawyers are not connected with the public. Bar associations are the ideal forum to become so, but the legal profession oligarchy is happy with things as they are because they don't need nor want the citizen connection. The legal profession should get connected with the people they are supposed to serve. Bar associations are the vehicle to get there, but there is much soul work to be done.

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