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I found out that we wickedly kicked a kindly Hawaiian queen in the teeth for the benefit of our sugar and pineapple interests in 1893. When we found out the truth, President Grover Cleveland left it so; even though he knew it was wrong. (In fact, illegal). So, I inquired further.

Then I found out that two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner Smedley Butler admitted he fought wars for the United States to support Latin American dictators friendly to our corporate interests. He exposed it all in a book, War is a Racket, signaling alarm against profit-making by industrialists at a cost of terrible human suffering during and after World War I.

   Wait, I pondered, I thought we were the good guys, so I inquired further. The CIA calls it blowback which we are suffering still:

   We did wrong in Iran in 1953. We overthrew a kindly elected man, Mossadegh, who had a beak nose, who liked to work in his pajamas. He was Time magazine man of the year in 1951 and welcomed by President Truman to the United States as a friend in 1952 documented in a famous photograph of both men beaming. We deposed this man the next year in favor of The Shah and England's oil interests which soon became our corporate interests. President Eisenhower did such things in forty eight (48) other nations under the false slogan of fighting communists everywhere in the world aided by the machinations of the Dulles Brothers.

    The fruit was ripe in Guatemala in 1954 for bananas and the United Fruit Company who indulged the Dulles Brothers handsomely. We did in another kindly, democratically elected man there, Arbenz, to serve our corporate interests and installed our own man. Our own man!? Unkindly Nicaraguan dictator Somoza helped us in that endeavor, so I inquired further. It turns out that Guatemala has never recovered from our heavy hand turned bloody there. Even now.

   All around the world the story was the same. Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Congo, Cuba, even Iraq was targeted by President Kennedy. Assassinations now came in vogue; not just simple overthrows of those democratically elected or otherwise ensconced. Diem, Lumumba, Castro, Trujillo were all designated to be or were killed by us, so I inquired further.

   Vietnam overwhelmed all, but was this in our corporate interest or were we fighting communism all over the world?

   Which brings us to Chile -- where once again we deposed and killed a kindly man who was democratically elected in a country most European, but happens to be in Latin America. Pinochet was our man and human beings disappeared. Dare I say ITT's corporate interests were paramount? And in the meantime, for good measure -- Kissinger unleased Indonesia against innocent people in East Timor. By now my inquiry is clouded by tears in trying to examine what the innocent East Timoreans had done to deserve our supply of weaponry to their plunderers. This too was illegal. So, I wiped my tears away and inquired further.

   Tears are minor things compared to the choking feeling as I was inquiring about the Palestinian's pain just now. You see, it was England that mucked things up in 1917 through the Balfour Declaration, but history papers over those wounds and memory dims. That is why it is necessary to inquire further as the tear drops fall and one can't choke down any more war. But, Nicaragua can't wait. Once again our corporate military-industrial complex intervened as we tried to make a profit by ridding Nicaragua of their  government as we funded the contra's and asked Iran to help us intervene. ‘General' North saw to it that there was a profit to be made by our corporate missile makers. This too was illegal and our President Reagan lied to us about it.

    Panama, Grenada you ask! You see, our CIA had been funding Mr. Noriega while he toadied our party line, but how could we turn the blind eye to the drug deals, as he did? Is it possible we really tried to do good in Serbia by protecting the Kosovo Muslims without corporate interests involved? Yes, but there is always profit in war and confusion.

   Then the grandaddy of them all, Iraq and Afghanistan are here at the dinner table now, so you are welcome to inquire further? Inquire further so we can have a happy new year next year. I have the solution. Put women in charge of war. They will not bend the truth to send their children to an illegal end.

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