As told in Jeffrey Tobin's book The Nine,  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia and Ginsburg have a tradition of welcoming in the New Year with each other's families notwithstanding their ideological differences.  The United States Supreme Court seems to otherwise have tried to put the calamity of Bush v. Gore behind them.  Can the United States Supreme Court also put the calamitous state of our judiciary and the lack of judicial accountability behind them as well?

July 30, 2008

Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court of the United States

One First Street, NE

Washington, D.C. 20543

Re: Judicial (In)competency

Dear Justice Ginsburg:

I last wrote to you on September 26, 2006 regarding the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Award for Professionalism and Ethics. Retiring Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace P. Carson was being recognized and my letter, which is attached, attempted to clarify his actual record in Oregon. In that letter I pointed out the horrible legacy he has left in Oregon after twelve years of Justice Carson’s stewardship.

No doubt, my input is little noticed. Yet, if you will note my blog site, perhaps there is something more to offer than a lonely voice in the wilderness. For example:

A recent study (May, 2008) by the University of Chicago Law School rates the Oregon Supreme Court at the bottom of the barrel in both competence and productivity. It was this sort of information that I tried to convey to you two years ago. What is worse is that the Oregon Supreme Court has killed a statewide system of state court judicial evaluations in 2006 notwithstanding that the American Bar Association has recommended statewide judicial evaluations since 2005.

You did not acknowledge nor respond to my 2006 letter to you. Since then Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has joined the chorus decrying the state of our judiciary and attacks on that judiciary. Someone has to take leadership to reexamine the state of accountability of our judiciary. Thus far, no one of stature is addressing the issue of judicial incompetency except the University of Chicago Law School. If the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oregon is not interested in judicial accountability, and he is not, then who is going to address the issue in Oregon? If we don’t fix our own house then the voters and the legislatures will have to intervene. We may not like the result.

Thank you for your time and interest in this important issue.

Very truly yours,

Lauren Paulson

3980 SW 170th Ave.

Aloha, Oregon 97007



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