Judicial elections occur May 20, 2008.  The Oregon State Bar folded like a cheap suit in refusing to provide the public with formal statewide judicial evaluations proposed in 2004.  So, where do you go to find information as to who is running and their judicial qualifications?   The simple dance in Oregon is for the governor to appoint judges before the election so they can run as incumbents.  For the incumbents, a statewide judicial evaluation program would provide a meaningful tool for the public to use to decide if the local judges running for election are worth their salt.  CONSEQUENTLY, HERE ARE MY JUDICIAL EVALUATIONS YOU WILL GET NO WHERE ELSE!

     Where to find the information?   The first logical place to go might be the major newspaper, the Oregonian.  There you will find only an article where a prosecutor is trying to replace a public defender appointed by the governor.  The article points out how seldom anyone challenges an incumbent.  You can also go to OregonLive. com-news-politics&elections-voter guide.   The next place is the Secretary of State which publishes the voter's guide.  Stumbling there one finds out an interesting fact.  Certain incumbent judges do not have to run in the primary under Oregon law.  Next, one could try the Oregon Judicial Department.  They apologize that their website will be revised soon and tell you to go to the Oregon State Bar website.  But, wait, aren't they (the Oregon State Bar) the ones who chickened out on judicial evaluations?  Moreover, their site --  2008 OSB judicial candidate voting guide --  is edited by Kateri Walsh who is the PR person for the Oregon State Bar and used to work for the Oregonian.  Smell a rat?  There is the Oregon Blue Book which provides nice pictures of the incumbent judges.   Finally, many judges may be in wikipedia and may be googled by listing their name and the words 'oregon lawyer' or 'oregon judge' in the google bar.

     Who is Running?     By my count there are 58 judicial positions up for election just now.  There is even one Oregon Supreme Court position and one Oregon Court of Appeals judge position open.  Sadly, of the 58 judicial elections in play only three are contested.  That means the incumbent automatically wins in fifty five judicial elections.  How do you know whether they are any good  or whether they should keep their job?

     My Evaluations:     There is a reason no lawyer in their right mind would give you unvarnished information on the worth of the local judge on the record.  It is occupational suicide.  (I have already died, so I can tell you what I think.)  We need a statewide system of judicial evaluations so lawyers can provide that candid information to a neutral body in confidential form.  Then voters will have competent information to go on.  Currently, Oregon's Worker's Compensation judges receive these sort of evaluations, but they are administrative judges, not elected judges.  The American Bar Association formally recommended in 2005 that all states provide a statewide judicial evaluation program for these very reasons.  Here are my evaluations:

  •      Oregon Supreme Court --  Thomas A. Balmer :      Not qualified even to serve on Oregon's Supreme Court which is dysfunctional.     Poor courtroom demeanor and uneven reasoning skills.   Wikipedia discloses the insidious internecine aspect of Oregon's judiciary.  Justice Balmer used to work for Governor Ted when they were both at the Attorney General's office.  When Governor Ted later left the Oregon Supreme Court, he secured his position on the Oregon Supreme Court  to his former inge'nue, Justice Balmer. 
  •      Oregon Court of Appeals  --  David Schuman:     Not qualified.  Apparently, failed to file for his first election in time, but the authorities that be gave him a pass.   He wrote a law review article to try to elevate himself.  A careful reading of that article and his opinions prove he is not qualified.
  •      Oregon Court of Appeals  --  Walt Edmonds:     Qualified and tries hard.  Not a sterling scholar. 
  •      Multnomah County  --  Julie Frantz:     Very qualified.  Very professional lawyer and former President of the Oregon State Bar  (quite an accomplishment in that male bastion).
  •      Multnomah County  --  Kristena A. LaMar:     Not qualified.  Judge LaMar retired into the easiest judicial job available years ago as the settlement judge.  Puts very little effort or intellect into what she does.  This judicial  position needs new blood. 
  •      Multnomah County  --  Henry Kantor:       Not qualified.  Has no judicial skills nor acumen for the job.  He may even be dangerous in that position. 
  •      Multnomah County  --  Michael Marcus:      Very qualified.  Wrote a excellent self-help book on Landlord - Tenant law.   Almost always really cares about the cases before him.  In danger of burnout.  
  •      Multnomah County  --  John Wittmayer:     Not qualified.   Intoxicated by the black robe power trip.  Self styled expert on courtroom decorum of which he is missing himself.  Should be turned out of office.
  •      Clackamas County  --  Robert Selander:     Extremely qualified.  Probably one of the best judges in the state.  Should be tapped for higher office.
  •      Clackamas County  --   Deanne Darling:     Very qualified.  Excellent courtroom skills.  (She could also have excelled as a speaker/comedian for any occasion.)  Should be looked at for higher office.
  •      Columbia County  --  Steven Reed:     Very qualified.  Brings the skills of a long time local lawyer into the courtroom. 
  •      Columbia County  --  Ted Grove:      Extremely qualified.  One of the hardest working judges in the state.  No judge tries harder to be fair along with the application of excellent cerebral skills than Judge Grove. 
  •      Washington County  --  Kirsten Thompson:   Barely qualified.   Unfortunately, Judge Thompson falls in that ever-expanding class of lawyers who want to be a judge after failing in private practice.
  •      Washington County  --  Keith Raines:     Not qualified. 
  •      Washington County  --  Contested race between Keith Rogers, public defender and Andy Erwin prosecutor.  There is a pattern of the DA's office in Washington County always challenging any public defender seeking a judge position.   Who says there is no bias in the criminal courtroom?!?
  •      Washington County  --  Steven Price:     Very qualified.  Oddly,  Judge Price comes from that cadre of lawyers from failed private practice that became a very good judge.  Excellent intelligence if occasionally mercurial. 
  •      Washington County  --  Marco Hernandez:     Not qualified.   Prime example of hubris overcoming competence.  Scariest of all , Judge Hernandez is appearing on short lists for higher office.  He is crippled by not knowing what he doesn't know.   Judge Hernandez declined to furnish biographical information to  the Oregon Live source mentioned above.  Should be turned out of office. 
These evaluations are based on my actual courtroom experience with each.  Because I had no such actual experience I provided no evaluation on the other judges running for office this primary season in Oregon.  Voters should have this sort of local information available to them on those  other  forty-some judges running for such an important public office. 




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You are very ill and need some help. I hope you get it.

please tell me more.

May 10, 2008 | Registered CommenterLAUREN PAULSON

I have experience going up in front of Judge Keith Raines as a witness. He was rude, physically threatening (sat up and nearly came over his desk while shaking his fat little finger at me) while telling me how horrible I was for looking out for a child in my home - safety, (when I was not a biological parent = I'm such a lawbreaker !!) when I had done nothing even remotely wrong pertaining to law, or ethics and morals and that physical kind of behavior deeply sickened me to the core. I cannot believe that this man, who was so red in the face during court session , obviously drunk from his alcohal addiction, could even be allowed to continue to make decisions in a court of law in this state that affects the rights of parents (and co parents = who btw do NOT have issues with ALCOHAL). Washington County Court system (the DOMREL division of the MOB) conducts itself as a lowly arm of the Mafia. Period. The only BEST INTERESTS that Mr Raines seeks to uphold are the interests of the DHS budget program by federal grant status through keeping Families tied up in ridiculous court cases, fighting over ridiculous (and totally unsubstantiated BS by ex spouses playing con games) .... but hey, theri reputation is sterling right ?

Give me a freaking break, I could do better than that douchebag.

Disgusted with Judge Raines "Morals" if thats what you call them. I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on conduct unbecoming to a judge ? this happened quite a while ago ... I'll have to look into this.

November 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMe

Oh and... another case he used his degraded discreation on went to appeal and is awaiting final decision. Word is it will be either remanded back to the kangaroo zoo, OR it may possibly be agreed to but WITHOUT OPINION !! (this is how Oregon works to keep the buddy system in tact at the bench level.

none of this should surprise anyone who has half of an education though, concerning the "Flow" of "Water" (ie; merchant trade=money) in the judicial "Maritime" system, being that families are a big pocket that can be picked in Oregon, OH EXCUSE ME ... I mean "direct the flow" of THE MONEY.

En Banc !! = TOOL.

Judge Raines needs to be brought up on charges for his extremely bias abuse of power. But thats just my opinion and little ole me doesn't count in this state, merely because I do not have my own biological child. I'm obviously a criminal for not swimming down stream .....

November 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMe

Tying in with President Obama's desire to make government more transparent and accountable.

In 2007, those in the know were invited to speak to the American College of Trial Lawyer's 10th Regional District meeting, (covering five states) because of www.USAjudges.com, a website empowering attorneys and the public alike to make judicial actions transparent. This is unprecedented but necessary as neither Congress (more recently demonstrated with Judge Samuel Kent), nor various state commissions purportedly created to address judicial misconduct are performing.

For example: Court reaction to the initial charges against federal judge Samuel Kent more resembled the actions of Bishops from the Catholic Church. After complaints were made against Judge Kent, he was transferred to another district.

Uproar ensued. Criminal charges were brought...then new criminals charges from another victim.
Where was Congress during all this? As good as that question is, unfortunately it's not one anyone in Congress has answered.

Most states go to extreme lengths to keep information on judicial misconduct private. This is a national problem. http://www.ajs.org/ethics/pdfs/When%20confidentiality%20ceases.pdf

However reports made at USAjudges.com change the dynamic altogether. Plus, it's already helped return one Texas family court judge running for his third term, to private practice, instead.

Data-based driven, www.USAjudges.com works as such: For the very low $45.00, the public by-passes various state judicial commissions and makes their own report on a jurist. Reports can be purchased for $150.00. Why a charge? For one thing it weeds out chronic complainers. For another, complaints are verified. By using the database (available after contributing to the PayPal account) an individual enters the case name, number, names of attorneys, opposing counsel, outside experts, and of course the name of judge. Then the report maker writes a brief, (emphasis; Brief) description of the chronology of the case.

So far the best reports (meaning: the most complete) come from attorneys. Some send in addendums. On DVDs.

Attorneys are paying it forward perhaps because doing so encourages a wider field during an election year.

The entire Judicial Qualifications Commissions for the State of Florida best demonstrates the need for this type of service.

This kind of transparency is extremely useful both for research and perhaps for bouncing a judge from a case. Or, during an election year, it might inspire someone to run for office. The public should know all judges are human and have a bias. Good judges recognize this and try to rise above them. Others don't. But one clue something needs to change would be the amounts spent on re-election campaigns.

One doesn't donate that kind of money without expecting future, favorable results.

Additionally, reports on judges might spark new blood. Therefore law firms which have spent years lobbying for a desired effect, can expected to be somewhat nervous.

January 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnn Individual

I will agree that Judge Raines is unqualified. In a recent hearing, he declared that because my friend has a history of spousal and child abuse that he has to pay $42,000 a year to his wife so she can continue to be a stay at home mom, and may only take their youngest child for 2 hours at a time until my friend can prove that he can properly care for her, as she has juvenile diabetes.
The problem? His wife has nothing. No evidence whatsoever. No letters from teachers, no witnesses, no neighbors reporting hearing anything untoward, no doctor's reports, no police reports, no DHS visits, nothing because he would never hurt his family. In fact, he had 12 witnesses to his name. She had her mother, who doesn't even live in this state. The fact of the matter is, his wife is mentally ill (borderline personality disorder, which is quite destructive) and because of this judge, is getting away with making these false claims. Also, the doctor who treated my friend's little girl even testified by phone that my friend was there at her diagnosis, went through the training in her treatment, and was fully competent to care for his own child.
Judge Raines dismissed a complete lack of evidence, even going so far as to apologize to my friend's ex wife for ruling that she had to return to Oregon with their children (she planned behind his back to flee to Alaska, where her parents live) and disregarded the trusted opinion of a medical expert. He shouldn't be ruling in family court if he can't look at FACTS to make a ruling.

May 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterA. Davis

There is not enough space to provide you with a clear understanding of the destructive nature of "judge" Raines and his glib rulings. Biased to the extreme, mean spirited, rude and abusive. One of the poorest excuses I have seen as a judge.

There is something deeply wrong with this man. He is a fat, petty little tyrant who makes up the rules as he goes along. I agree that ex-wives can make up whatever claims they want to and this is apparently 'evidence'. Any evidence that the ex-wife is lying about their resources is denied. It appears in his court that marrying a man is a ticket to lifetime support (plus receiving any marital assets in full). You don't have to be the mother of anyone's children, or to have contributed in any way to the marriage - you're just guaranteed that lifetime support even if there is no reason you cannot support yourself. If you are a lying, lazy slut, be sure to see Raines for your divorce - ka-ching!!! You are definitely going to get the bucks...forever. Sick, sick, sick.

Judge keith raines should not be practicing as a judge, i have been stuck dealing with this judge for 6 years...he is a joke and governer kitzhaber was wrong wrong wrong when he electic this judge...i cannot believe this man is the co founder of st andrew legal clinic with is a place who is suppossed to help low income family.. and if he cant handle the job of being a judge then get the hell out, this judge is making the rules as he goes and is destroying peoples lives by it, he has no regard for good people. I was forced to sign an 8332 form every year to non custodial parent, who was abusive to me and my kids. and this my ex is not even quailified to file as custodial parent...i am getting ready for a news company to reveal this joke of a judge, who should never be up on the bench..........there is a place you can file complaints on judges start complaining people get him out of office :) http://courts.oregon.gov/CJFD/docs/040105RevisedComplaintForm.pdf

heres two places to file complaints, do it people dont be afraid to file a complaint your voice is important

January 17, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteranonymus

keith meisenheimer in multnomah is unquailified and disregarded evidence that my ex could have killed me, friend and my kids by trying to shouve us off a balancy, eveidence was brought in, the judge verbally stated he believed my eex did shuve us and then he dropped the restraining order, this is sick behaviour from our judicial system


January 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterQUID (JO5LN@AOL.COM)

The following letter was written to the Presiding Judge of Washington County. It summarizes my children's situation. Judge Raines is partially responsible for this disgusting tragedy:

Dear Judge Kohl,

My children were sexually abused by their biological father and I divorced him in 2004 because of this. The abuse was founded/substantiated by DHS, CARES NW and the Washington County Sheriff's Office. When my children first told me of the abuse, they did not tell me everything--only that he touched him and it did not feel right. Around the time of the divorce, the first investigation began and the DA called me and said he was leaning toward prosecuting and that the penalty would be six years in prison. I was not sure that was the right thing to do because my kids had only told me of mild sexual touching which was awful but I did not think it was bad enough for 6 years in prison. I asked if they could make him go to therapy and get help but they said they could not make him. I was also terrified about how I would support my children because I had given up my career to raise them and had been out of the work force for several years. So they decided to put the case on hold and would re-open it if there were further disclosures. So in January of 2005 through August of 2005, they had supervised visits about once or twice a month.(things seemed friendly between us and he picked them up at my house and we talked about things) The visits stopped in August when the abuser said he was really busy with work and his live-in girlfriend was having health problems. About a month later is when the kids disclosed further abuse that was a lot worse than what they first said including graphic sexual acts against them. So I call the child abuse hotline immediately and the investigation was re-opened and founded/substantiated. The visits never resumed nor did any contact of any kind happen after I found out what he really did to them. The abuser also failed 3 polygraph exams and a psycho-sexual evaluation ordered by the State showed him to be at risk for sexual abuse. Even though our divorce was amicable and settled out of court, he has been dragging me into court for the last 5 years while at the same time, not quite doing what he needed to do to at least have the possibility of therapeutic intervention to see if he was safe to even begin supervised visits. He has had no contact of any kind with the children for almost 5 years, since August of 2005. DHS was involved from 2005 to 2009 and came into my home every month or more and found me to be a consistently protective parent. They only closed the case because they felt I was doing my job and that my children would remain protected. During this time, I took my children to Options counseling for their sexual abuse issues. I also took non-offending parent classes and my children did Safe-touch classes as well. We all got an education in sexual abuse matters and how to prevent it and protect ourselves and others.. For some reasons known and unknown to me, the prosecutors have decided not to prosecute. Not because they don't believe the abuse happened but because there is no DNA or video-tape and if they went to trial and lost, that would mean the abuser would be found innocent and that would be trouble for all of us. In one of the many court proceedings, I was acting as my own attorney and when I had the abuser on the stand, I asked him directly if he sexually abused his children and he did not deny it and he plead the 5th. Because of that, the judge ruled that he in fact did have inappropriate sexual contact with the children. At the time of the 2nd investigation, I asked the Detective,Randy Nunnenkamp if he thought I should ask my daughter if she wanted to draw what happened to her as she was an artist and did not express herself to others very well verbally. He said it would be a good idea, so my daughter actually drew graphic images of what the abuser did to her.I wrote down what she said. Apparently that was not a good idea. She drew the pictures on her own and I used her own words to label them. There is no way she could have known these things without having been a part of them. She then gave clear and consistent disclosures to the worker from DHS. Also mentioned was the fact that the abuser had recently served me (in July)to come to court to reduce child support/alimony and increase overnight visits. He already had those visits so it was unusual. He had stopped visits on his own until I found out what he really did and then I stopped any contact as did the kids themselves. I have no reason to be vindictive against the abuser because I divorced him and we had both moved on to other intimate relationships.I have told him more than once that I don't want his money because I would rather not have to depend on him. Nevertheless, in some of the reports, it was brought up that we had a court date for the next day so it may have been alleged that I reported this because of him taking me to court. Obviously it was just an erroneous smoke screen implied by the abuser to try to convince people that the abuse was made up. But it was still founded/substantiated by all those agencies and failed polygraphs and the psycho-sexual evaluation. In 2007, the abuser made an "Action Agreement Plan" with DHS and that's when he took the 2nd and 3rd polygraphs and the first psycho-sexual evaluation. For the period of one year, he was to have consistent therapy with a DHS approved therapist who is trained in sexual abuse issues and another psycho-sexual evaluation. He did not get the proper therapy nor did he get the 2nd state approved psycho-sexual evaluation. Instead, he bought a fancy lawyer who has helped him continue to perpetuate outright lies and inaction on his part. He also bought a custody evaluation which, in an email to my counsel at the time, I told her I would not go through with it completely unless Mr. Martin did what he was ordered to do. There was no reason for me to do that because I had already been involved with DHS evaluating me all the time. I had nothing to prove because I already had custody and opened my home and life to DHS and all the therapists etc. I decided to start to go through the custody evaluation with the understanding that I would not have to complete it until the abuser did what he was ordered to do. It seemed a moot point and a waste of time. And it turns out I was right about that. I went to the first meeting by myself and I gave her (Dr. Sabin) all the information I was asked for and I told her how my kids felt and that they had a non-existent relationship with the abuser. I told her that they had a close bond with my husband and that they actually referred to him as dad and were also very close to their younger two siblings. I then brought my older 2 kids for a meeting, then my younger two and then all 8 of us together. The only meeting I actually missed was the last one. By this time, I had figured out that the evaluator was on the payroll of the abuser and his attorney. Each of the meetings we went to lasted about 45 minutes and since there were only 4 or 5 of them, that is definitely not enough time to properly evaluate us. The first thing she said to my kids was how their dad missed them and that he wrote them a letter. This freaked them out immediately and they were confused as to who she was talking about because they did not consider the abuser their dad. So that was a big red flag, because instead of actually evaluating, it seemed she was trying to force a relationship on them. This was psychologically damaging to them but in good faith, I made them go back. Also on the payroll of the abuser and his attorney was a guy named Dr. Brewer who did the second psycho-sexual evaluation which showed the abuser to be low risk. Neither Drs. Brewer or Sabin were approved by the state to my knowledge. The only "experts" I have ever had were the State's so unlike the abuser I did not pay anyone to say what I want them to say.

It has been hard to support my children and give them everything they need as I have 6 of them and am unable to work outside the home. About 2 years ago, I came across an ad in Reader's Digest or Prevention Magazine for a special school that helps meet the present and future needs of kids who are in financial and social need. I applied for admission as this was the best opportunity I had ever seen. It took awhile, but last Summer '09, the kids got in. Our lease was also up and we made the decision to move our entire family across the country to be near this amazing school. Meanwhile, I had one last court date before we could all move and join the children. My attorney was trying to have the custody evaluation stipulation dismissed based on the fact that the abuser and his attorney lied about the qualifications of the therapist as well as many other inaccuracies in their motions and statements. I was surprised when the judge ruled against us. He looked at the evidence and decided it did not matter. I left the court that day and we moved that week as planned.( Since I have full/sole legal custody and the abuser does not even have visitation and since my original divorce papers do not have the moving notice box checked and since my attorney at the time advised me I was within my legal rights to do what is best for my children, I did nothing wrong by moving.) (Also, since my address has always been protected information, I never thought I had to tell the court or the abuser of all people where I was going) My address was changed on September 8th but my mail was not forwarded to me until I called and asked them to mail it to our new location. I was not aware that mail from a Postal mail box does not automatically forward. So I did not receive any mail until January. There were several legal papers that had to do with the abuser filing for custody and papers that claimed they served me when they did not. They also say that they had knowledge that I moved out of state but still continued to serve me at my former address, knowing I would not get the papers and therefore would not be able to respond. They also say they served me at an email address that is my mother's and never has been mine. As soon as I saw the court papers enclosed, I called the court clerk and she told me an Order was about to go to the judges desk to be signed. I explained the situation, that I had no knowledge of the court dates, was not served and could not act on what I did not know. Previous to that, I had been to all court dates with no problem. The clerk told me she would give me one week(from last Tuesday) before she put it on the judge's desk. She said I had to do a proper plea or objection or get an attorney. I sought the help of legal aid and they told me some of what to write. So I was finally able to object by fax and mail on Monday and I followed it up Tuesday morning with a 2nd part of objections. That's when the clerk told me the judge had already signed it. I was stunned. This is wrong on so many levels. Here are some things to consider: 1.) My children and I have not lived in Oregon but in Pennsylvania for the past 6 months. 2). The abuser has not lived in the State of Oregon for 6 years. At the time of the divorce in 2004, he moved to Vancouver, Washington and still lives there according to court records. 3.) Because he has not had any contact with my kids for years, my goal was to have his parental rights terminated because if he wanted to be in their lives, he would have done what the court ordered years ago--and if he was a good father he would not have had sex with his own children. My husband is also ready to adopt the kids as he truly has been the only father they have known for years.4). There is not and never has been any reason to remove my children from my care. I have always been a protective parent and there have never been any concerns about my ability to love and nurture my children. They have been with me for their entire lives and we have never had any trouble other than what their biological father caused. 5.) My children are 15, 13, 12 and 9 and no one has ever asked them how they feel. They are old enough to have a voice and to make their voice and concerns heard. My 9 year old has spent more of her life without the abuser than with him. She is at the age my oldest daughter was at the time of the divorce. I have never asked anybody to just take my word for it, I have always made my kids available to talk about their feelings and fears. I have not talked to my kids about this yet but they have known that he might come after us before and they are angry and sometimes terrified.They have also been suicidal and I am afraid my 2 oldest could be homicidal if they are forced to be anywhere near their abuser. 6). My children are quite stable and happy here. They are doing well in school and have bonded with students, teachers and staff. My husband has a job; we have our driver licenses; and I was just accepted to Nursing School so I can make a better life for our family and not have to depend on my ex.Our ties to Oregon are minimal. We lost most of our friends, family and church when the abuse and divorce was made known. People don't like to deal with either issue. The only family member there for us is my mom, but she came here to visit us and plans to do that every 3 months. 7.) We have had the same judge on this case for years.No one else,no other court or judge has heard our situation. I think someone else needs to hear about this. The judge in our case has looked at the evidence and without really seeing it I think. He seems to have no concern for the true welfare and safety of my children from the start. He has only slapped the abuser on the hand a few times and told me-when I told him my daughter said she didn't want to see him because of what he did--that "children need to love their father".
I am all for father's rights and parent's rights in general, just not when a parent has sexually violated the children. When they do that, I believe they lose their right to be a parent.
No one has considered my children's rights, and they should.

I am very poor and therefore have no way to "buy" justice for my kids but it seems the abuser bought his own kind of justice. And it is not in any way good for my kids. Since there seems to be no one else to advocate for my children, it is left to me. There are so many lies in the court papers the other side came up with it would be hard to do something about them. There are so many things that need to happen: 1.Oregon should no longer retain Jurisdiction over my children or this case. 2. Pennsylvania should have jurisdiction since this is our home state and we have lived here continuously for the last 6 months and are not ever moving until the kids graduate. 3. The children should be appointed an attorney/advocate who actually acts in their best interests. 4. Oregon should reconsider their decision not to prosecute this sexual abuser. 5. If Oregon insists on keeping jurisdiction--against the best interests of my children----there should be a different court and different judge hearing it. 6.The court should also follow through with the DHS action plan and have a court/state approved psycho-sexual evaluation and the proper therapy for the biological father. 7. Should Pennsylvania take charge in this matter, they can evaluate the situation and if the biological father decides to get the help he needs and it is found by a truly neutral state appointed party, that he is less of a risk, then I am willing to help work toward some type of therapeutic/clarification visits supervised by myself and/or my family's representative. And if the biological father is not willing or if he is found to still be a danger, then I will ask that his rights be terminated and proceed with the adoption.

Meanwhile, what can I do? As I said, I am very poor and legal aid cannot help me any further so my kids are truly in danger of being harmed physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Even though I understand that this particular judge is an upstanding citizen and he started a low income legal clinic and I have been in the court and seen him help other litigants solve their issues, he has not been particularly helpful in doing the right thing by my children. Who holds the judges accountable? I believe either blatant disregard for the truth or some kind of judicial misconduct may have occurred in this case. I was not served and I did not know about any court motions or proceedings. Why would I suddenly put my children's well being in jeopardy after vigilantly protecting them all their lives? I am writing to you because I am out of ideas on what to do. I am praying and asking for help but I am still afraid for my children. If they are taken away it would be almost as bad as the abuse they have already suffered. They would be taken out of school in the middle of the year giving up all friends and progress etc. They would be torn from their mother and the man they call dad and their little sister and brother with whom they have a very close bond. And from their home and their 2 cats whom they love. They would be put in a situation that would cause them an unthinkable amount of stress and anxiety that no therapist or medication could ever get them through with all that loss. The only person they could trust there would be their grandmother but even she could not protect them when the abuser decides to take them or ask the court for physical custody too. This matter needs immediate attention if my children are to remain safe and happy and whole.

Sincerely Angela Rae Richmond on behalf of Abigail, Josiah, Mahaleah and Naomi

Case #C043358DRC

Here is an update:

The sexual abuser was granted legal custody. Though my children are safe at school this

moment, the abuser can do whatever he wants with them. He can decide to make them come to

live near him and visit him. He can abuse them again. All by default, because the mother was

not served or notified. Somebody has to listen and care before these children are ruined

sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Oregon should no longer have

jurisdiction in this matter as none of the parties live there now or for 6 months(mother and

children, Pennsylvania) and for 6 years (sexual abuser, Washington State) Please remember,

this abuse was founded/substantiated by DHS, Cares NW and the Washington County Sheriff's

Office. Remember the abuser failed 3 lie detector tests and had a state approved psycho-

sexual evaluation which showed him to be a sexual risk to children. Remember, the abuser

pleaded the 5th in court when asked if he sexually abused his children and he did not deny it.

Remember, The abuser has had NO CONTACT of any kind for almost 5 years. Please,

somebody act in the best interests of the children.

Sincerely, Angela Richmond

February 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAngela Rae Richmond

I went in front of Judge Raines as did others stating that my ex abused our kids. he claims that I am unfit, and judge Raines bought that. He is favoring the father going off a biased of a personal story he told during court. This man is unfair and doesn't listen to the facts. I have also seen him belittle and treat other women poorly during court,and he favors the men over the women. Is there a way to get a new judge?

October 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJudge Raines Biased

My sister had an arranged marriage in India 6.5 years ago. Once her husband brought her to the US he started abusing her. After a year of abuse she went back and filed an abuse case against him in India which comes under criminal case. During one of his violent outburst my sister called 911 and filed for a restraining order. In response the husband filed a divorce in the US.
My sister filed a prior case in India before her husband filed a counter case in the US, which under the international law in not permissible. However judge Keith Raines awarded everything to the husband including the house and threw my jobless sister out of the house without any temporary spousal support. Additionally the jerk ordered my jobless, homeless sister who indeed does not have even health insurance to pay $19k for her ex-husband attorney fees. He is a biased jerk and an alcoholic

November 17, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpriyanka tyagi

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December 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMisssMissclick

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April 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBest Forex Indicator

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