Do you want to be heard?   It is incredibly easy.  Here is how.  But first let me tell you why I began.  While on the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors I began a newsletter to my regional constituents, about 1,000 lawyers.  To my surprise, the powers that be at the Bar objected to my uncensored information to the plain, unwashed everyday lawyer.  They successfully shut me up at the Bar.   The Bar produces plain vanilla propaganda (you could even call it pabulum) to its members.  I sought to change that.  Here, you can learn how to be heard.

     I had no computer skills.   My computer was simply a typewriter to me.  Nor did I have internet skills except that I could send an email and even with an attachment from time to time.  After the Bar silenced me and threw me off the Board of Governors, it took awhile to gather my wits.  Timidly, I sought out the unmanaged blog sites. They all tell you how easy it is to be a blogger.  Conceptually, I could not imagine where in cyberspace this wonderful prose would repose.  Gamely, I filled out the template on one of the conventional unmanaged  blog company sites, wrote an article, posted it and waited for fame and notoriety to come my way.  Nothing happened. 

     The Google bar is a wonderful thing.  You can literally find anything on that simple search engine site.  It is so simple to make it your internet tool.  It will take you anywhere.  That is what I did.  It is as easy as putting in your question in long hand or short hand (words and phrases).   One way to experiment is google yourself.  Then your friends.  Then people you don't like.  Blog sites come in several flavors and  a managed site is the best in my opinion.  Managed to me means that there are technical people available to you in cyberspace at the managed blog site to help you get through completing the template    These site managers can also help you with the myriad of questions that will come up in this wonderful world of the blogger.  Forget the telephone.  They answer through cyberspace, so you must be patient.  It is worth it.  Find a managed blog site.

     Next, do a reality check.  Are you willing to pull your hair and write regularly something somebody will want to read?  It is addictive.  In my first year, doing it once per week worked for me.  Some do it daily and their articles are a bit thin.  Often, they refer you to news articles of moment somebody else has written or other information located around the blog world.  Those sites are 'blogging lite' to me but are worth exploring because you never know what worthwhile ancillary blog sites they will send you.  Consider whether  you have something to say?  Is there an audience for what you have to say?  The former is more important than the latter to me.  If you have something to say, there are people out there that will want to tune in and commiserate.  In my first year, there have been over 30,000 unique visitors, meaning at least 30,000 times visitors at least wanted to glance at what I had to say.  There are also page (or robot) visits.  More about that below.

      Domains.  The next thing you will want to do is determine a name for your blog site that is unique and compelling.  Mine is bulletinsfromaloha.org.  I arrived at this name as a spoof on the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, the house organ  for the Oregon State Bar AND a play on where I am from, Aloha, Oregon along with the Hawaiian meaning for aloha.  By means of a little help from my savvy nephew, I learned that one must register a blog name with sales@godaddy.com.  This is a clearing house for domains, or more specifically any name for your blog site that you want to protect.  This is a relatively easy process, but be careful on upselling.  It seems that each cyberspace vendor wants to know if you want fries with your hamburger.  Most upselling is a waste of money.  Usually the basic plan is all you need at first. 

     After registering your domain name, it is necessary that the domain be "mapped". This is to enable cyberspace to direct someone to your blog site. The managers at your blog site can help you with domain mapping.  Now you are up and running.  The next thing is to find places to have your blog site listed, so others will be able to find you and get tuned in other than your regular visitors that know where you are.  A place to start is ORblogs.  This is an Oregon blog list that takes all comers.  If you want the focus 0f your blog site to be the legal world one has to be imaginative at the google bar, but here is a place to start.  Justia Blawg Directory identifies legal blog sites all around the country.  Once there you will be in the wonderful world of legal blogging.  According to justia blawg there are about 600 legal blog sites around the United States and, believe it or not, only 10  legal blog sites in Oregon.  See the opportunity! 

     There are multiple ways to get your blog site recognized at other worthwhile places.  Laura Orr is the Washington County law librarian.  She can get you listed at her site which is identified at the justia blawg site by going to the Oregon legal blog list in their directory.  Your law school will undoubtedly have a blog directory.  Then there are the robots.  Once your blog site is listed then  feeds  can link your blog site to others and your blog will pop up in arenas now unknown to you.  Some of this listing must be done by you and some they do once they learn about your fine blog content.  And so on.  The sky is the limit.  Go for it.  If I can do it anybody can. Notice that nowhere did I have to resort to the services of a paid blog consultant (unless you count my nephew--but he never gets paid.........). The world needs to hear from you especially if you belong to the weak, the poor, the downtrodden.  Nobody else cares in the media about the trials and tribulations of the small-time lawyer.  Certainly nobody at the Bar cares.  Thus, it is up to you with your own special blog platform.  Good luck.  If Thomas Paine can do it before the invention of the offset press, then you can do it.  Thomas Paine ultimately got over 600,000 hits and it changed the world. 

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January 17, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterthailand87


January 17, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterthailand87

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