Exactly one year ago this blog site commenced.  The purpose of the blog 'cite' is to observe The Oregon State Bar and lawyering in Oregon.  There are over fifty (50) articles that are phat and sassy.  They may be accessed by scrolling down or using the navigation bar on the left.  The blog site has received  over 30,000 unique visitors in  these twelve months  along with numerous comments,  both erudite and sublime.  Some have been sarcastic which is O.K. because the blog articles have been so too.  The blog site is now featured  at ORblogs, Justia Blawg, Oregon Legal Research  Blog, Boley Blog (Northwestern/Lewis & Clark Law School )  and elsewhere.   A hard copy of these articles was available at the Oregon State Bar annual meeting at Salishan (at the Oregon coast) in the Fall of 2007 and will be available every year.  A hard copy of past articles is available to you for the asking. 

This next year will feature twenty articles on "Theories for Legal Improvement.....and for Revolution";  two of which have already been written below.   These 'Improvement' articles will eventually be published in book form.  In addition, particular attention will be paid to the White Elephant building the Oregon State Bar has purchased in Tigard for $20 million of your dues dollars through the leadership of Karen Garst and Dennis Rawlinson.  Attorney Ward Greene may be contacted for further information now that the building is open.  It is earnestly hoped that this year will see the retirement of Karen Garst as Executive Director of the Oregon State Bar and that our leadership will not make the further mistake of chosing Sylvia Stevens which would only exacerbate the present malaise at the Bar. 

The Oregon State Bar is on the brink of total failure or change for the better.  This blog site's purpose is to promote change for the better.  There is hope.  Karen Garst and Albert Menasche caused the termination of Oregon's Affirmative Action leader, Stella Manabe, which brought the problems of the Oregon State Bar leadership into sharp relief.  It is hoped this grievous event will rouse other lawyers in Oregon who care about our legal profession from our group somnolenceIt is time to be aware, be involved and rescue the Oregon State Bar from the inquisition it is waging on regular members of our  profession. 

See you on the flip side.  Lauren Paulson

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2008 at 09:59AM by Registered CommenterLAUREN PAULSON in | Comments1 Comment

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Lauren, you are absolutely correct on all counts regarding the internal leadership of the OSB. There is so much internal political 'sleeping around' with the upper crust there that it truly is laughable. I am an avid reader of your blog, and one of many "recently deceased" staff members because of this very issue. Garst is supposed to retire at the end of the year, but after the horrible degrading of Stella Manabe, who, I might add, was a victim of Garst and others in leadership in the worst way, I doubt Garst will rest much. Truth be told, all of the persons mentioned in leadership were 'friends' of Manabe, (except Menashe, who was told by Garst that Manabe called him racist, which is a total lie) but when Manabe was professionally raped, nobody said nothin, except the minority membership, who were so dismissed by the BOG it was amazing. One of the current BOG members, when asked to have a minority member on the Executive Director search, actually said "Haven't we done enough for those people?" Why the BOG and the OSB leadership think Garst's poop doesn't stink is beyond me.

March 26, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterIsis Rose

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