Now don't get ahead of me.

             This article precisely identifies what is wrong with the Oregon State Bar.

     The public has a short memory.  The Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan administration proves a powerful point.  There is a certain elite in government that does not trust the unwashed masses with the truth. The special prosecutor to the Iran-Contra affair was Lawrence E. Walsh.  He has written a book entitled "Firewall" where he states, "Ronald Reagan's advisors succeeded in creating a firewall around him. (T)hat cover-up... prevented the rule of law from being applied to the perpetrators of criminal activity of constitutional dimensions."   Mr. Walsh identified who lied during this sordid affair:

     1.  President Ronald Reagan

     2.  Attorney General Edwin Meese

     3.  Secretary of State George Schulz

     4.  Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger

     5.  White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan

     6.  Supernumeraries John Poindexter, Oliver North, Eliot Abrams, Robert Gates, William Casey (CIA Director), George Bush (Vice President), and the list goes on.

     Why did these pseudoluminaries decide the American people could not stand the truth?  Why did they orchestrate activities the American people and Congress neither wanted nor knew about?   Our Bar association is doing the same thing. 

     The "F" word is Fascism.  Fascism may be defined as a philosophy of government that advocates the merging of state and business leadership combined with belligerent nationalism.  America's business interests have dictated illegal interventions in many Latin American countries including Nicaragua.  Our leaders regard themselves as the secular priesthood and count on the passivity of the people.   If the truth were told, without idealogical varnish, the leaders fear that the people would not support them.  If the people knew how power operates they would not tolerate the leaders nor the actions of those leaders.  So it is with the Oregon State Bar. 

     Those Reagan-era pseudoluminaries identified above worked off the books, tried to keep no records of their misdeeds and ultimately lied about the schemes of President Reagan's 'kitchen cabinet'. 

     The Oregon State Bar Professionalism Commission  --  This body was created in 1994 by the Supreme Court.  It's members are appointed by the Oregon State Bar President Al Menasche, but those appointments don't go through the Board of Governors Appointments Committee.  The body is listed at page 10 in the 2007 Bar directory as a Bar "Committee, Council & Group".  All Bar Committees are required to submit annual reports.  The Professionalism Commission does not submit annual reports because, as Bar General Counsel Sylvia Stevens states in an April 11, 2007 letter to me, "...the Professionalism Commission is not a bar committee...".  How is that again?   The Professionalism Commission is listed right there in the 2007 Bar directory as a "Bar Committee". 

     Bar staff member Kay Pulju and Executive Director Karen Garst make Professionalism Commission member recommendations "off the books" (meaning not from the Board of Governors Appointment Committee) as to who is appointed by the Bar President to this Commission.  There are twenty members of the body of which eight are judges and also include Karen Garst, Al Menasche and Ira Zarov.  Are all these committees, commissions, groups, councils, sections, associations, benches, campaigns, projects, task forces, services, programs, clinics, unions, guilds, centers, what we need or want our Bar to orchestrate? 

     Noam Chomsky in his book Failed  States  points out there is a huge divide between the government's public policy and what the public really wants.  For example, the people want peace, yet the government's public policy gives us war.  People want health care relief, but the government wants to reduce Social Security benefits which the public does not want changed.  So it is with the Oregon State Bar.  The Bar membership wants and approved changes to ameliorate the disciplinary system yet the Bar continues to operate under the old punishment and retribution model.  It is time government told the truth and lived up to the same values we ask of our families. 



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